Eleonore MacZura

Costume Design & Technology

Hello! I am Eleonore MacZura, Costume Designer and Technician. Having obtained my BFA in Theatre Design and Technology at The Pennsylvania State University, I am a working costume technician, with my most recent experiences at the Sarasota Opera 2024 Winter Season and Penn State School Of Music Spring Operas.


Renderings from courses and productions


Patterns and garments I have built and assisted in building


Crafts, wigs, misc.


My downloadable resume


This is a sample of both realized and unrealized design work. I have designed a new musical Nostalgia Night, Directed by John Simpkins and opened February 11, 2022. I have been the Assistant Costume Designer for PSU's School of Theatre's productions of A Little Night Music (Des. Alyssa Ridder, 2019) and The Wild Party (Des. Jeremy Eiben, 2021).


Nostalgia Night (2022)

MEDEA (Spring 2022 course project)

Venus In Fur (Spring 2020 Course project)



I have spent most of my time in the costume shop at PSU - working as a stitcher, design assistant, designer, and a first hand for the drapers of the shop. I've worked on every show put out by the School of Theatre during my schooling there from the fall of 2018 through graduating in 2022, as well as a few shows as a professional overhire. From labels to quick-rigs to important seamwork on built garments, I have done a bit of everything. I've also taken several costume technology/patternmaking courses, including a tailoring course with grad students. I have continued working as a first hand or stitcher since then, and more recently I continue my first hand journey at the Sarasota Opera House.


I have taken various classes and encountered opportunities that have broadened my abilities as both a designer, a technician, and an artist. All of which include but are not limited to: wigs and hair for theatre (maintenance, styling, fronting, etc.), makeup for theatre, figure drawing, and numerous amounts of paperwork needed for various positions.

graduate studio: Color Theory

Graduate Studio: Figure Drawing

Theatrical Makeup


Scenic Design Course

Music Based Design (WIP) - "The Moon Will Sing" by The crane wives

Period Research Design - Tudor Era